[CT Birds] Old Christmas trees & birds

Dan Rottino rottino at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 3 19:53:35 EST 2016

A bird MAGNET:  I thought I would share this with anyone who is taking down a tree as I am tonight.  After taking down all the bird ornaments, etc., we throw our tree out onto the lawn about 6+ feet from the feeder.  Not too close so predators cannot make use of it.  The sparrows and Juncos use it as cover and it helps to keep them in sight for us in places where we do not have much cover.  In cold windy weather they often take shelter as the pine boughs break the wind and keep the birds warmer than our holly bush or weedy flower and raspberry patches.  We then toss mixed seed in it and in front of it facing the house for convenient viewing.  If we have fox sparrows they like perching on the trunk base that is a foot or so off the ground.  In heavy snow we even shovel the snow off of it and a path in front of it that doubles as our path to the feeders so we don't create more work for ourselves.     I do this especially if I notice the birds dependent on it during extended snowy cold spells.  To get more use out of it, we add it to our regular bird brush pile in early spring when the Juncos depart so that Carolina, Winter, House wrens and other sparrows can use it all summer and the next year permanently.  It is recycling and reuse as much as I can stretch it.  I know this won't work for everyone with an old Christmas tree, but maybe it will for some.  It works so well I am tempted to get a few extra throw-aways and bring them home.

Happy yard birding!
Dan Rottino & Family
East Haddam, CT

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