[CT Birds] Indigo Bunting

Stephen Broker ls.broker at cox.net
Tue Jan 5 06:26:42 EST 2016

Indigo Bunting has occurred once on a Connecticut Christmas Bird Count.  It was recorded Count Week in 1982 on the Lakeville-Sharon CBC.  Count Day for Lakeville-Sharon was December 19, 1982, so Indigo Bunting was observed in the three day period either before or after December 19. 

Fred Sibley and Dennis Varza wrote the 1982-1983 Christmas Count review article in The Connecticut Warbler (Volume 3, Number 1).  Fred (senior preparator at Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History) and Dennis (curator of Birdcraft Museum, Connecticut Audubon Society) stated, “There was one species new to the count, an Indigo Bunting seen during the count period at Lakeville-Sharon.”  Also, “The best bird [of the entire statewide count] was obviously the Indigo Bunting." 

Further checking with the Lakeville-Sharon compiler or with American Birds on this sighting of Indigo Bunting would provide more information.

Steve Broker

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