[CT Birds] Pink-footed Goose Fisher Meadow in Avon -Yes

Darlene djmoore67 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 5 07:43:11 EST 2016

Good morning
It's cold. The Pink-footed Goose is still here in Avon at Fishers Meadowbut is in a new location since the NW corner is frozen. 

Bird now is huddled up against the eastern shoreline    Nearby reference point on the shore is a building with a green roof. Typically on the shore near that structure. The trail does loop around to that side of the shore for those who want better views and are ok for a cold walk. Good luck

Sorry but this is my last post to check on the goose for awhile since will be having arthroscopic surgery on my knee today. 

If others could check in out the bird it would be interesting to see when it leaves. 


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