[CT Birds] A question of Crows

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Hi, Tom!
I found a site online that shows North American crow roosts throughout
the years. http://www.crows.net/roostlst.html (Complete only through
2013, but the results seem to be fairly consistent.)
Looks like Norwich has been a constant gathering-spot for quite a few
years, so that may have been where "your" crows are headed. (I've seen
them flying to roosts in the evening hours, too - pretty impressive!)
:-)  Tammy Eustis, Chester

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Subject: [CT Birds] A question of Crows
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Over the past few weeks in Hartford I have observed 100's if not 1000's
of crows flying north to south around 4pm. They seem to be coming from
the direction of E Hartford and fly over the Harford Ins Co buildings in
the direction of Waterbury. Does anyone know where they going at night?
It's fascinating to watch!

Tom Kenefick

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