[CT Birds] Crows going to roost

John D Babington davewb07 at sbcglobal.net
Thu Jan 7 15:27:44 EST 2016

 We see large numbers of crows going to roost here on South St in Washington, CT late every afternoon. In the past I have counted about 300 crows going to roost in about 40 minutes or so. Most of the crows seem to be traveling from the west, the New Milford area, to the east. The other day my Mother Nancy noted crows going to roost to the north and the east. I suspect the crows are likely going to the Waterbury area and maybe sometimes to Torrington. I have been having a larger number of crows around my feeder of late then what I have had in the past.. In most winter I have a group of five crows at my feeder but this winter I have a had a group of eight crows and sometimes more coming to my feeder area. I do put seed on the ground around the feeder so sometimes it is will be the wild turkeys who get seed first other times its the American crows that get the seed on the ground first. Crows are very entertaining as they are smart.
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David W BabingtonWashington, CT


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