[CT Birds] Astounding suet activity

hellothomasdiaz at gmail.com hellothomasdiaz at gmail.com
Sat Jan 9 11:04:08 EST 2016

In the last two hours, on one single suet block I have noted the following: 

2 white breasted nuthatch, 4 eastern bluebird, 2 tufted titmouse, 1 northern flicker a few feet from it (nice surprise,) 2 hairy woodpeckers, 5 downy woodpeckers, 2 blue jay, 1 b/c chickadee, 13 dark-eyed Junco and 1 yellow-bellied sapsucker that keeps returning to the tree to which the feeder is attached. To make it even more exciting, the tree with the feeder is only about 20 yards from a window.

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