[CT Birds] Historical Data Chris Loscalzo

Ralph Amodei ramodei at att.net
Mon Jan 11 21:29:14 EST 2016

 I can mostly agree with historical data on two subjects the Greater Scaup and Canvasback. Living all my life in New HavenCounty, thus along the coast and along New Haven Harbor. I canremember both these species in the hundreds in the harbor alone.Vast amounts of clear cut foresting in the Boreal Forest I had readhas affected the Scaup. I had also read the Canvasback are in goodnumbers just south of us during winter months. It is sad not to see the vastrafts of Scaup along with Canvasback and at my favorite spot along the West Haven beaches. You would not even have to get out of your car asyou would drive along. One quick note the Cornell Lab of Ornithology summer 2015 news bulletin stated, 'the Boreal forest constitutes more than25% of the worlds remaining intact forests; 80% still intact; 12% currentlyprotected and 30% slated for logging or energy development.' Hard toimage bigger than the Amazon.
Ralph Amodei

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