[CT Birds] Update on Niagara Water Bottling Plant

zellene zellene at earthlink.net
Fri Jan 15 09:32:11 EST 2016

I attended the Bloomfield town council meeting and spoke of the effects of plastics on birds. I used the Laysan Albatross as an example.  As you may know, Niagara plans to come into Bloomfield and build a plant that will use 1.8 million gallons of MDC water daily, and produce millions of plastic water bottles. The water will be sold to Niagara at a cheaper rate than residential customers pay. In the event of drought with water shortages, no priorities are set to insure residential customers get theirs first. At least a dozen residents spoke against the plant and the crowd was standing room only. The meeting became unruly and after a couple of hours I had to leave. Both FOX 61 and the Courant reporters were there.

It has just come to my attention that in addition to the MDC water, Niagara plans to truck in water from springs all over CT, sites are unspecified. So this plant may affect many other towns outside the MDC area.

We have formed a citizens' action group with a Facebook page. I will post the link shortly. 


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