R. J. Weaver rjweaver at aiconnect.com
Fri Jan 15 16:43:52 EST 2016





I plan  on visiting Conn. This Sunday, late morning, and would like to find
out where is best possible locations to observe & hopefully get photos of
the following birds:


PINK FOOTED GOOSE ( I found the first R.I. record here in Newport 2007)

Barnacle Goose

Snow Goose

White Fronted Goose

Ross's Goose (hopefully)



We'll be coming in on rte. 2 from R.I.  to Avon, would appreciate directions
on exactly how to get to best places to look for these birds, please

Email me at  ( rjweaver at aiconnect.com), thanks now for any/ and all help
deeply appreciated,


Many thanks,


Bob Weaver

Newport, R.I.





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