[CT Birds] Hamden: Lake Whitney: Peregrin Falcon

Arthur Shippee ashippee at snet.net
Sun Jan 17 16:39:01 EST 2016

3:40 PM:  Hamden:  What I can only make out to be a Peregrin Falcon was hunting the upper regions of Lake Whitney, back & forth over Waite St. causeway, Hamden.

Ring-billed-sized Falcon, & powerful flier.  I couldn't see the face well enough against the pearl-grey sky, but the falcon shape was clear, and the size was clear enough:  bigger than a Merlin;  smaller than the unlikely Gyrfalcon.  

First saw when it buzzed some gulls & then began stooping & diving on one gull, but didn't strike.  Gull swore a blue streak.  This was in the area between Waite & the peninsula.  Then the falcon cased out the area for a while,  several minutes, once chasing a couple of other gulls, flying from well above North Lake Condos all the way up near the Mill River mouth then back S.W. & off.

There was a second bird for a little while, but it seemed noticeably smaller -- perhaps a Merlin hanging around, too?  Too short a view for me to be sure of, but clearly a second falcon-type bird.

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