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Tina and Peter Green petermgreen at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 21 16:51:35 EST 2016

CT Birder's,
I am forwarding the email that I and several others received just a short time ago. That email is below my following comments.
I would like to express my respect for the law and the officers that uphold and enforce the laws. But no officer of the law,whether it be an Encon,town,state,or federal officer,has the right to intimidate or bully a citizen. 
It seems there has only been this one location,that I am aware of, where an Encon officer asks photographers or birders to leave because they do not have a boat. 
And they ask them to leave when there are no trailers in the parking area and/or anyone else in the lot or near the ramp. I ask that anyone who encounters an Encon  officer who asks them to leave at the East River Boat Launch location,please get their name. I will contact Encon tomorrow and ask about parking at areas with public boat ramps, especially when the lot is empty or almost empty and "off season".
I for one would like to see this matter clarified.

Tina Green
See the forwarded email below.
> FYI,
> The DEEP has a state map Coastal Access Guide that is published by the Office of Long Island Sound Programs. It lists the East River Boat Launch as a public access site with recreational opportunities for boating, car top boats/canoes, bird watching, fishing, hunting, crabbing and has toilets and handicapped accessibility. It lists the site as having access for the public to tidal marsh and tidal river habitat.

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