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Hi, Craig!
According to Cornell's All About Birds site, Cooper's can hang out here
Looks like CT is at the northern edge of that range. I know that we have
a Cooper's at our feeders every winter. In fact, he was perched back in
the woods at sunrise this morning, watching carefully as I filled the
feeders. (But the birds were already on to him - they were making their
high-pitched "seet seet seet" calls, which is their "hawk in the
vicinity" alarm. It was about 10 minutes before anyone came in to eat.)
:-)  Tammy Eustis, Chester

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Looks like I have a cooper's hawk stalking the feeders now , it was less
than 20 feet from my door so I got a pretty good look at it. Blue gray
feathers on back of wings and body , washed out orange to rusty color on
front of face below lower beak and chest area , it was a,solid orange
color not mottled and a veey small bird maybe 15 to 18 inches in hight.
From what I read in bird book it says they migrate south so maybe it's
hanging around becsuse of the warm weather we had prior to the cold
spell ?
Craig vernon
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