[CT Birds] No Pink-footed Goose at Fishers Meadow in Avon

Darlene djmoore67 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 29 13:02:12 EST 2016

Good Afternoon
No Pink-footed Goose in Avon at the Fishers Meadow Pond or the corn field on Tillotson Road. 
There remains a small amount of open water with 2 hooded mergansers in it. 

Will check Ebird, but if there are folks who don't Ebird, was wondering if you would share your latest date of the sighting of the PFGO in Avon.  Just curious as to how long it stayed. 

Will also check other open water places in Farmington/Avon to see if it just moved location 


Darlene J Moore MN, RN, NNP-BC
Farmington, CT
djmoore67 at gmail.com

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