[CT Birds] Broad Brook geese

Spector, David (Biology) spectord at ccsu.edu
Fri Jan 29 20:25:32 EST 2016

I spent about an hour in the late afternoon today (29 January) at Broad Brook Millpond (on Depot Street immediately east of Route 191).

I saw the following among many (guesstimate 4,000, with much coming and going) Canada Geese:
2 Greater White-fronted Geese (1 adult, 1 young);
1 Ross's Goose;
1 presumed Pink-footed Goose (distant, brief looks; small, gray, small bill);
several small geese; all the ones seen well were Canada--no definite Cackling Geese to my eye;
no barnacles (or Barnacle Geese);
1 young (probably first winter) Iceland Gull.

David Spector
Belchertown, Massachusetts

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