[CT Birds] Boat Launch

John Pfitzner jkat61 at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 30 02:05:32 EST 2016

>From Keith Mueller: Quote  “ Speaking for myself as a professional avian artist for 40 years who have donated
Generously to bird related causes “

I suppose you consider all the ducks and who knows how many other poor helpless species of wildlife you have murdered as 
You are a HUNTER FIRST AND FOREMOST ! Perhaps you should have enlightened the birding and naturalist community to 
Your loathsome and despicable other “ Hobby “ or as weak emotionally disturbed people like you you refer to it as “Sport”

So murdering helpless animals is your contribution ??? ‘’Donated generously ???  YOU ARE A FAKE AND A LIAR.
The only reason and purpose for your so called “Art” ( Which is mainly comprised of carving decoy ducks) 
Is to lure waterfowl to their death.

You are no different than convicted murderers and child molesters and rapists that receive long prison sentences.
You COMMIT HORRENDOUS AND DEPLORABLE ACTS and then all of a sudden find Jesus or commit to the bible.

This is YOU. 90% of your pathetic existence you have for no good reason ( and there is no good reason ) you have 
Devoted thousands of hours constructing decoy ducks to use to lure them in and kill them. And now all of a sudden
You claim to be a benefactor and contributor to their well being and preservation. Nice try. You may have everyone else duped but not me.


John Pfitzner
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