[CT Birds] CTBirds, a view of respect ond hope

David Provencher provedf at comcast.net
Sat Jan 30 12:58:15 EST 2016

I have spent the morning rebuilding the engine on my truck and listening to
soul pleasingly loud Neil Young. While working on my truck I have been
thinking about the recent unpleasant posts on CTBirds. I can not blame
anyone who is thinking of leaving the forum for feeling that way. But I hope
no one does. The Connecticut birding community is just that, a community.
Within any community there will be disagreements, though hopefully the
discourse is civil in tone. When it is not, the entire community suffers.
Everyone who subscribes to CTBirds does so because of an interest in, if not
a love for, birds. Some among the CTBirds community are deeply passionate
about the environment, not for themselves or their particular interest
within birding, but simply for the protection of the avian habitats our
birds depend upon. I hold these individuals in the highest regard, and thank
the leadership of the various organizations in CT for their efforts,
especially those who volunteer a great deal of their time and energies
without any monetary compensation, such as COA. The reality is their efforts
will not be entirely successful, they can not be within the tapestry of
issues our natural world faces. However, the results without their efforts
would be far worse indeed. We within the birding community can play an
effective role in protecting our environment, but not if we are at war with
one another. To my mind, the vitriol of the recent posts paints such a
picture of dysfunction within the community to anyone viewing the forum.


So to those who feel frustration and disappointment regarding the recent
tone of CTBirds, I echo Gallo's words, we are better than that. We will
continue to be better than that. Be proud to be in the CT birding community,
if you care about the environment, be an advocate. If you believe COA can do
a better job, perhaps you might get involved in the organization and be part
of the change you believe in. Try not to judge too harshly the volunteer
efforts of good people in our community, and do not underestimate the
magnitude of the challenges they face. I deeply wish we could all remember
that we each share the common interest and love of birds and birding. If we
can't do our best, working together despite our differing opinions, to bring
about the environmental changes we hope for, just who will? Now back to the
truck and Neil. Would that it were a forest trail and the song of a Wood


Dave Provencher



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