[CT Birds] Bald Eagles kind of day

Jerilyn Duefrene kaymad143 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 30 20:29:07 EST 2016

Good evening,

I hadn't been sending emails about birds the last few days due to the type
of messages that were there. I look to this listserve to see what birds
have been seen and where they are. This has been a great group to learn
from too!

On point:

I started off the day checking my feeders (for the Project Feederwatch) and
a large Raptor flew over the evergreen trees and lo and behold, it was a
2nd year Bald Eagle! Flew in a few circles over my backyard! I have never
seen one here before!

Also went on the Project Oceanology boat today (sponsored by the CT River
Museum) and saw at least 10 Bald Eagles. It was fun to see them, sometimes
the juveniles looked like they were playing. Also looked like some Adults
were looking for their mates too. It was a very exciting day! We also saw
about 40 Common Mergansers and 2 Great Cormorants

Still looking for the elusive Winter Wren at the DEEP Marine HQ! :-)

Jeri Duefrene
Niantic, CT

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