[CT Birds] Yellow headed blackbird Vibert Rd, 4:40 pm

sffaulkner at comcast.net sffaulkner at comcast.net
Sun Jan 31 18:00:45 EST 2016

I ended my January birding (unless I go owling tonight!) with a gorgeous male yellow-headed blackbird. It was just one mixed in the flock of blackbirds on Vibert Rd, South Windsor. Seen at 4:40 pm just as the last of the flock of >3,000 was lifting off to go to their nighttime roost and I was lucky enough to get a really good look, but not lucky enough to get the camera focused before the flock lifted. Flock was in the treetops at the far northern edge of the cornfields, about mid-way down the fields portion of the road. 

Sarah Faulkner, Collinsville 

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