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A great bird indeed Judy! Thank you so much for sharing the facts concerning this bit of CT birding history, I very much appreciate this. I must say that even though I no longer am a "lister" birder, I am quite unabashedly envious of all of you!

Dave Provencher

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The Hermit Warbler to which you refer was found on May 1, 1977.  Arne Rosengren actually saw it that morning, too, but thought it was a BT Green.  The next day a bunch of us went looking for it, scrambling up the slope above Trowbridge Drive and finally locating it in a hemlock tree.  Carol Bedworth and I are the only two  who are still members of the NHBC.  The others were the Rissers (now in Texas), the Coreys, Jim Reilley, Charles Hills and John Southern.  I don't know how long it stayed or who else might have seen it.  What a great bird!!

Judy Moore

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> And if my memory serves me, Dick was the only observer of that record 
> (correct Frank?). So no living birder has an accepted CT Hermit 
> Warbler, which makes this even more exciting. And it's a Warbler, 
> which in my book makes it awesome.
> Dave Provencher

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