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Hi Kathy, 

Thanks for representing us -- very much appreciated! 

This is off your primary topic, but if you have the chance I'd love for you to express two things to the DEEP folks: 

1) the changes at Hammo seem very detrimental toward birders and nature lovers; new paving and recreational facilities are being added for the non-nature-oriented public at the expense of our natural areas. I wish they'd consider these in their plans. 

2) I'd like to ask that there be areas at Hammo that are dog-free, with the suggestion of Willard Island and the area north/east of the nature center. I was there two weeks ago and there was not a 50' space that was not occupied by a dog -- it looked like dog day at the park. Birding was completely ruined with absolutely nowhere to go. (Note: the dog owners were very courteous and cleaning up after their leashed pets -- this is not a complaint about the owners). 

thanks much 

Sarah Faulkner 

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I have been invited to a meeting of relevant DEEP staff at the East River 
boat launch ramp to discuss the access issues that have cropped up. 

If anyone has any other location they would like me to know about where 
parking or access has been an issue (State owned, not town), please get 
back to me today. One other location has been brought to my attention, 
Great Island in Old Lyme, where the signs prohibit all parking except boat 
trailers, yet they have a wildlife viewing stand nest to the boat launch 

Kathy Van Der Aue 
Southport, Connecticut 
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