[CT Birds] Hermit Warbler

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Fri Feb 12 17:30:41 EST 2016

>From Robert Dixon
2/12/16 - Just wanted to share a few observations made by myself and several others today that may help birders who are looking for the Hermit Warbler this weekend. 
The bird certainly likes the area under the west side of the bridge (the sun should be warming you and the bird). I would set up camp here. Earlier the better. If you don't see the bird here just turn around and spend some time scanning along the river's edge, especially the sunny spots. The warbler was behaving much like a Winter Wren as it foraged for food in grass clumps, around logs and under the river bank and on the ice. If you see it down river hold your ground, this morning it returned to the area under the bridge at least five times (about every 20 minutes).
This bird was giving some incredible looks and there were many birder's photographing it (and they had some heavy artillery) But there were times when the bird was so close they just stopped shooting and watched as it foraged around their feet!
Everyone that was there today between 8:00 am and 11:30 am (maybe forty or so) saw the bird. It's possible the bird could change it's habits as the river freezes solid but this was what worked today. I also shredded a suet cake with a cheese grater and sprinkled it under the bridge and on the ice.
I should add. Park in the old general store parking lot on the corner of RT 181 and RT 318, walk east across the street, step over the guardrail (by the stop sign) and follow the trail down to the river. 

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