[CT Birds] Church pool

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Sat Feb 13 09:47:31 EST 2016

Like many I have visited Pleasant Valley to see the hermit warbler.  The bird is spectacular, and its feeding pattern striking.  Talking to the many birders it became apparent that ignorance of this peculiar ecosystem was uniform among the birders, despite the fact that three men were fishing in the pool.  The church pool produces hatches of insects year round.  It is fished intensively all year, and the use of live bait is forbidden, and it is strictly catch and release.  The planting of grubs or other insect forms is sabotage, despite good intentions.  Non viable feed might be OK above the water line, but a check with DEP is advisable.   The pool is very unlikely to freeze as the flow of water is considerable.  The warbler has found a haven, and lets us view herself closely.  Let's not spoil it.

John A Calogero

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