[CT Birds] Deceased hairy woodpecker.

brian kulvete briankulvete at gmail.com
Sun Feb 14 10:49:59 EST 2016

Sadly, while I wasn't home, a hairy woodpecker crashed into our window and died.  I have UV stickers all over, but I think I will need more to fill in the small gaps between, as soon as the temps warm up so they stick.  
I have my suspicions that the local cooper's hawk was the cause.  I have seen it, on many occasions, guide birds into our window and pull out at the last second causing them to crash into it.  Never have I seen the hawk come back and take the body the few times i've witnessed this behavior.  

I was just wondering if there was anywhere that would take the body.  It's now frozen outside with these cold temps, but it breaks my heart to see it, and I was hoping there was somewhere that could use it for education or research.

Brian KulveteBloomfield, CT 		 	   		  

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