[CT Birds] Great Backyard Bird Count, highlights and misses

Roy Harvey rmharvey at snet.net
Sun Feb 14 14:10:35 EST 2016

The following message from Patrick Comins had problems going through so I am posting it for him.
Roy Harvey
Beacon Falls, CT
Here are some highlights of the count so far Some of these may be occurring at multiple locations:Greater White-fronted Goose in Simsbury (at least)Snow Goose, West HartfordEurasian Wigeon, FairfieldNorthern Pintail, Fairfield and probably other locations.Redhead in at least FairfieldCanvasback in StratfordBarrow's Goldeneye in MadisonRuddy Duck, FairfieldPied-billed Grebe, FairfieldNorthern Gannet, StoningtonBoth cormorantsGreat Egret, FairfieldBoth vulturesRough-legged Hawk, StratfordAmerican Coot, StratfordBlack-bellied Plover, StratfordKilldeer, UCONN
Greater Yellowlegs, GreenwichPurple Sandpiper, HarknessWilson's Snipe, UCONNRazorbill, StoningtonIceland Gull (high count is 3 in Tolland, which is a bit strange, but I'm sure there's at least one other out there)Lesser Black-backed Gull, SouthportGlaucous Gull, reported from Wallingford, not sure if this has been confirmed.American Kestrel, StratfordMerlin Woodstock (i had one in Stratford but haven't entered yet)Peregrine FalconRed-breasted Nuthatch, scattered reportsRuby-crowned Kinglet, BarkhamstedTownsend's Solitaire, GreenwichHermit Thrush, scattered I'm sureGray Catbird, Bantam Lake (at least)Brown Thrasher, Hammo (at least)American Pipit, HartfordLapland Longspur, BridgeportSnow Bunting, Stratford at least35 Yellow-rumped Warblers at HammoThe Hermit WarblerWhite-crowned Sparrow, in Lebanon at leastSavannah, Field, Chipping, Swamp Sparrows, scattered I'm sureDickcissel, SherwoodBoat-tailed Grackle, StratfordBaltimore Oriole, Hammo at leastPurple Finches, scatteredReport of Common Redpoll in Madison that probably needs checking outPine Siskins, scattered.
Here are some misses:Pink-footed and Ross's Goose (maybe moved on)Cackling GooseBlue-winged Teal
Northern ShovelerEither EiderHarlequin Duck (I thought I saw one reported)White-winged and Black ScoterNorthern Bobwhite, not that it countsRuffed GrousePacific Loon (one can hope)Red-necked Grebe (eared or western would be nice)Northern Fulmar Ha!American BitternSnowy EgretBlack-crowned Night-Heronan early OspreyGolden EagleNorthern Goshawkany railsAmerican OystercatcherRuddy TurnstoneAny other alcidrare gulls, maybe Glaucous tooRoss's Gull Barn, Short-eared, Long-eared, Northern Saw-Whet, Great Gray, Boreal, Northern Hawk OwlsAny hummingbirdsRed-headed WoodpeckerGyrfalcon Eastern PhoebeNorthern ShrikeFieldfareRedwingBlackbirdVaried Thrush and Mountain Bluebird while I'm at it.Any more warblersEither of the buntings that have been around (not sure last date on either)Rusty Blackbirdredpoll (probably not around and the above report may get scratched)crossbills
Thanks for your help, good luck and find something good!
Patrick and Greg

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