[CT Birds] No Townsend's Solitaire 11:10-12:10

Tim Antanaitis timant123 at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 15 15:08:07 EST 2016

I had the day off, so I finally went to try for the Townsend's Solitaire on Valleywood Road in Cos Cob/Greenwich.  No luck.  I hadn't gone because I thought I would be uncomfortable walking around a residential area with binoculars.  I was right.  I was extremely uncomfortable and felt rude and invasive of people's privacy.  I did not see any mention of this feeling from any other birders that saw this bird.  Does anyone else feel this way while birding in a residential area?  I sure do, unless its a bird coming to a feeder and the home owner's are welcoming.  Hopefully another Townsend's will make its way to a state forest or state park in the future.  If not, I will not be seeing this species in CT.  Anyways, not much else of note around there, except a flyover Merlin.  Best bird of the day was a Pileated Woodpecker flying over 91 N near exit 13.
Tim AntanaitisMiddletown
Kiera and I will be moving to a quiet spot bordering the Meshomasic State Forest in Portland, CT soon.  Looking forward to some good birding spots there, and REALLY looking forward to moving out of Middletown (too crowded and no good bird spots)!  

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