[CT Birds] They Have to Eat, Too

Shirley Beach beachgolfdesign at att.net
Mon Feb 15 20:34:02 EST 2016

This afternoon, while searching for open water, Shirley and I came-upon a flock of Canada Geese and Mallards in the Farmington River near the entrance to Tariffville Park in Simsbury.  We happened to notice one seemingly smaller duck, by itself in the middle of the river.  Before I could even get my binoculars on it, an immature Bald Eagle swooped out of nowhere.  The duck immediately submerged itself and then resurfaced, only to be ambushed once again.  This time the eagle was successful.  For what must have been thirty seconds it lay patiently on the surface, with the duck still submerged, waiting for the inevitable. The Eagle then paddled with its wings to the shoreline before flying-away with its quarry.  I cannot say that it was pleasant to watch, but it certainly was remarkable.

Doug Beach

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