[CT Birds] Cooper's

Jan Hollerbach smilifase at gmail.com
Fri Feb 26 08:37:49 EST 2016

In my morning routine of getting the feeders and bird bath all set I
noticed everything was REAL quiet, so I figured "my" Cooper's Hawk was
around.  No sooner did I get inside than WOOSH!, there he was, right there
on the deck, sitting atop the hook that holds one of my feeders.  There was
a Downy inside my big suet feeder still as could be.  It was a stand-off
and finally the Cooper's flew off.  However, the birds weren't back to the
feeder for another 20 minutes so I assume it took awhile for him to finally
leave the scene.  This had happened previously this year with a Downy
perched just below the Coop on one of the deck spindles, still as could
be.  Again the Cooper's flew off and the Downy made it through another day.

Jan Hollerbach

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