[CT Birds] Red-Wings in Tolland + Flooding at Station 43 (SW)

Brandi wandering_tortoise at warpmail.net
Sat Feb 27 11:24:39 EST 2016

At least one Red-winged Blackbird has returned to our pond in Tolland. 

We also heard a number of them in South Windsor this morning at the
Audubon station 43 in South Windsor.  It's flooded though, only got
partway down Vibert Road.  Pulled off and sat for awhile (8am - 8:30am
or so), heard a flock of Canada Geese,  the Red-Wings, and a Belted
Kingfisher.  Saw 3 Wood Ducks and a Northern Mockingbird. 

Happy Birding! 
Brandi Niles 

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