[CT Birds] Early Egg-Laying By West Rock Common Ravens

Stephen Broker ls.broker at cox.net
Sun Feb 28 15:05:28 EST 2016

02/28/2016 - Woodbridge, West Rock Ridge — The West Rock Common Ravens are nesting on the same well-hidden, inaccessible rock ledge that was used for nest-building and egg-laying from 2003 through 2005 and again from 2010 through last year.  During the years 2006-2009, the ravens nested on a more southerly rock ledge along West Rock Ridge in an equally inaccessible location.  The 2002 breeding season was the first in which Common Ravens nested at West Rock, following by some five years their first nesting at Sleeping Giant State Park.  That year, the two West Rock adults were seen feeding fledged young on the early June New Haven Summer Bird Count.  

The reconstruction of the ravens' “northern” nest this year was in its earliest stages on February 1.  The nest was largely rebuilt by February 17 and February 19, although the completion of the nest with a lining of deer hair had not yet taken place.  I discovered this morning in my first visit to the nest site since February 19 that the female is in incubation over 4 eggs, with the male in attendance on his sentinel tree.  One or two more eggs are expected to be seen in the nest in the days ahead.  

Raven eggs are laid generally at a rate of one per day, so egg-laying this year began by at least February 25.  This is about one week earlier than any previous year that Common Ravens have bred at West Rock.

Steve Broker (Cheshire)

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