[CT Birds] Domain change today

Steve Morytko smorytko at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 29 18:37:26 EST 2016

Earlier today COA's domain name registrar was switched to a new vendor. This caused some intermittent disruptions of service for anyone trying to post to CTBirds between 6am and 2pm while I sorted out some problems related to the change. By about 2pm I believe service was fully restored. We are now seeing CTBirds posts from many major mail providers which suggests that the change has been properly propagated across the Internet. 
There could still be some mail servers that have not received the updates. Domain registrars often use a standard disclaimer that change propagation might take 24-48 hours but normally the delay is much shorter depending on how timers are set. Our timers are very short (5 minutes) at the moment as they were before the change too so that mail servers would refresh often and accept the planned domain change soon after it was made.
Thank you for your patience during this transition and thanks to those that posted messages from various mail servers so that CTBirds subscribers could see them too. I believe there should be no further problems related to this change but stand ready to address any that should come up. 
I'll be looking forward to seeing some mega rarity posts soon!
Steve Morytko - COA web admin

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