[CT Birds] Black Vultures, Branford

Lemmon lemmon at snet.net
Tue Mar 8 17:13:32 EST 2016

A pair of black vultures were copulating in our back yard today.  They are early this year.  For the past four years they have mated nearer the 20th of the month. For the last 2 weeks they came without junior from last year (they only have one offspringper year) ...which is typical.. Last year' offspring is with them all winter and they feed it until about the beginning of March...then they loose him.    I took great photos, the male strutted around on the ground around the female before mounting her with wings raised like turkey vultures do when warming up in the sun in the cold weather.  Black vultures are so neat!!!  Sort of like big black chickens...though more aggressive than TV's who are so gentle.

Carol Lemmon

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