[CT Birds] Nocturnal Sounds Westport-Darien

Ian Devlin captain_ian at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 10 00:25:20 EST 2016

Wood Frogs and Spring Peepers sounding off in various vernal pools locally. Went scouting a bunch of vernal pools to check on activity. Drove to Selleck Woods Park in Darien, then various vernal pools and bogs along Newtown Turnpike going into Weston towards Sagautuck Reservoir, and on through Westport, and finally back over to Norwalk.  Hoping tomorrow's rain and current warmth will bring out some salamanders during the night. Was able to photograph lots of Wood Frogs and a couple Woodcock. No dice with photographing the peepers or salamanders.

Bird wise, I've been hearing the squawks of Great Blue Herons and honks of Canada Geese flying overhead in the darkness. Where I live on a cove of the Norwalk Harbor, I often hear herons at night. A pair of Great Horned Owls hooting overhead in the trees at Selleck Woods...invisible, but not inaudible. Woodcocks peenting at dusk over in Greens Farms for 20 minutes or so.

Keep your eyes peeled, but your hearing on alert too. You may hear something you can't see, but may be able identify it anyway. 

This warm and very comfortable weather certainly is whacky for early March, but offering early springlike results! 

Capt. Ian Devlin
East Norwalk, CT.

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