[CT Birds] Woodcock call playback

Dan Drega federal3t22 at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 10 08:00:45 EST 2016

Last night I came across something that frankly bothered and annoyed me at the Major Micheal Donnely preserve in South Windsor. I was sitting in my car at the West St parking lot next to the big field waiting for it to get dark to listen for Woodcocks. Just before it got dark a photographer showed up with his phone in his hand and walk into the field. Now as the light faded I heard peenting, walked into the field, sure enough there were a couple of them displaying, and 2 more flew in chasing each other just about buzzing my head (made my night). All of a sudden I hear peenting that was moving awfully fast for a Woodcock on the ground from across the field, and I happen to notice the glow of a phone screen moving around. It was the photographer playing a sound file tying to lure a Woodcock closer in order to get a good shot. I was not too happy because I was having a hard time picking out his playback and the real deal, plus of course was worried he may drive the Woodcock out of this field. He left after only a few minutes and I was able to enjoy listening to the real deal for another 15 minutes. Now I'm not knocking any photographers, I just got back into the hobby myself, and I fully understand about wanting to get the perfect shot no matter what, and I'm not trying to start a debate, but using recordings to lure a bird closer bothers me. There are other ways to get your shot without disturbing the birds. 
Just my two centsDan Drega

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