[CT Birds] More and more Woodcocks -- A Show at Bethany

Steve Mayo and Rebecca Horowitz rsdmayo at sbcglobal.net
Thu Mar 10 21:44:09 EST 2016

I took the ol' wonder dog out to a baseball field, Confrenseco Field, across Route 63, (a busy State Highway, from the Old Bethany Airport).  No sooner had I opened my car door, but 2 American Woodcock zoomed right over my head, perhaps 12 feet off the deck.  A third twittered by, a few moments later.  The "peenting" was incessant.  I could even hear them --- amid the constant car traffic noise and the kitchen of Billy's Ice Cream blaring "Under the Boardwalk" -- at the Old Bethany Airport (ie, the site of my previous post).  They were behind the Bethany Garden store as well.  Soon they started their elaborate flight displays, even as darkness enveloped this noisy, almost suburban, area.  

There were 5+ on my side to the east and 2+ Woodcock at the ol' Airport to the west.  What an unexpected show!

And then the light rain started (the "peenting" eventually subsided) and I knew that "Rubber Nacht" was inevitable. Sure enough, I noted dozens of Peepers and Wood Frogs crossing the Bethany roads, and hundreds of car-squashed frogs (as well as  a couple Spotted Salamander corpses).   It's a very amazing, but bittersweet springtime phenomena.  

Steve Mayo

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