[CT Birds] Station 43

Michael Ashley micasharonson at gmail.com
Thu Mar 17 17:03:51 EDT 2016

Hello Everyone,
I went to Station 43 today.  I had lots of trouble finding it.  I used the
Audubon coordinates which are wrong.  I ended up of private property by the
pond.  I owner who was very nice told me where to find the correct path.
These are the coordinates for the path leading to the pond.

 41.829092, -72.618083

 It is next to a run down white/grey house.  Right now the water is over
flowing into the path quite a lot.  You will need high water proof boots.
There was a Northern Harrier, Great Blue Heron, American Tree Sparrow, 50
Ring-necked Ducks, 15 Wood Ducks, 30 Green-winged Teals, 2 Bald Eagle, and
2 Woodcocks.

Thank you,
Michael Aronson

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