[CT Birds] Station 43 access

Dan Drega federal3t22 at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 18 00:14:38 EDT 2016

      Where is everyone finding public access to get into Station 43? I last went down there about 16 years ago. Using a CT hot spot book which led me to an access road off Newberry Rd, which had a pond/marsh area at the end and according to the book was "accessible to the public". After a very productive 15 minutes scoring some good birds like Marsh Wren and Least Bittern, I was going to move on to the next stop here according to the book, until I got to my car. That's when a lady came out of her yard and started yelling at me for going in there. She kept saying "I've told "you people" not to come in here, and I have called the cops on you" . I told her to kick rocks, got in my car and left with her still yelling at me as I drove off. I ended up leaving the area steaming mad, went to Hammonassett instead, and haven't been back since. I ended up tossing the book right into the recycle bin once I got home as I didn't trust it anymore. Dan DregaVernon


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