[CT Birds] Bad News - Milford point bar breached

james.bair at snet.net james.bair at snet.net
Sun Mar 20 18:06:43 EDT 2016

Dear John:

You wrote:

>Milford Point - the neck of the main bar was breached by the high tide.
>This is bad news with a storm coming. I guess nature is taking its course.

I am not sure that this is bad news. For many years until about 10-15 years ago the sand bar was an “island” at mid to high tide. Because water flowed freely, there were no grasses in the water and the sandbar attracted migrants especially in the fall far more than it does today. There would be over a thousand terns there in September and many more shorebirds than are usually seen there now. Let us wait and see. Yes, we may only be able to walk out there at low tide, but let us wait and see if more birds show up.

Jim Bair

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