[CT Birds] Hartford, Peregrine Falcon

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Mon Mar 21 18:14:23 EDT 2016

Was back in the Hartford area on Wednesday 3/16 and confirmed that there is a nest being built on the billboard platform as noted below. No bird(s) in sight at the time I went by, but others in the area may be noticing it.

Mansfield Center

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Saw a Peregrine Falcon flying south  (I was on the Rev.Moody Overpass), with some creature he had just caught in its mouth, heading downtown on Wednesday afternoon. He landed on a billboard platform (East side of road) near the junction of Rev. Moody Overpass and the highway connection. There was what looked like nesting material gathered on the platform too. Don't know if this is a normal nesting place for them. I'll be back into town over the next couple of weeks and will check it out.


Mansfield Center

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