[CT Birds] Hammo Gulls 3/21

Stefan Martin nafets519 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 21 21:48:40 EDT 2016

After not being able to participate in yesterday's epic Gull show at Hammo (thanks lightning), Mike Warner and I decided to shoot up there today. As soon as we pulled up, I heard Keith Mueller shouting to everyone that he had the Common Gull on the water. Gull numbers were fairly low at this point with the majority being Ring-billeds. We were all able to view the bird for awhile before it flew West over the jetty. We moved to the beach to get better looks at the bird and scan the growing flock for the Short-billed. Gull numbers continued to grow to the West grabbing the attention of our star and pulling some birds to the new flock. Decent groups were now loosely forming all to our West with birds streaming in from the East. There were very few birds on the beach with only a handful being in front of us.. One of which happened to be a First-Cycle California Gull.. We observed the bird sandwiched between an adult Herring Gull and an Adult Ring-billed (ideal for comparing size). After about 2-3 min. of documenting the bird and discussing field marks, it flew in the direction of the Mew. We lost the bird among the growing flock. Maybe a total of 4-5k birds were now in view with the majority being difficult to observe. Bonaparte's numbers were also growing with maybe 6-7 hundred birds, thanks to a large group streaming in from the East. Birds also continued to drop in on the East side of the jetty. This group contained the Common Gull and a very pale winged adult Iceland Gull. All in all, a productive day of Gulling. Interestingly enough, I did not see, nor did I hear any mention of a GBBG in any group.. You never know what this bloom will bring! 

Stefan Martin

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