[CT Birds] CTBirds Digest, Vol 3312, Issue 2

James Nordgren jim_nordgren at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 22 18:48:05 EDT 2016


>    2. The Bobolink Project is coming to Connecticut
>       (Folsom-O'Keefe, Corrie)

Great project Leslie. Since we have no money, we've tried education here in North Salem NY (next to Ridgefield CT). Some owners of large fields are 'weekenders' who may not need to do the maximum number of cuts and when told that cutting in June results in 100% mortality, many are happy to wait until mid-July. We've also had USDA folks analyze fields, if it's poor quality--has not been limed or fertilized-it has low value anyway and delaying results in more volume that may make up for less protein. If it's high quality alfalfa, well then the farmers may be better off financially getting as many cuts as possible, at least it's farmland. Jim Nordgren

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