[CT Birds] Winter wren, Steep Rock Preserve, Washington, CT

John D Babington davewb07 at sbcglobal.net
Wed Mar 23 14:29:49 EDT 2016

Took a late morning walk in the Steep Rock section of the Steep Rock Land Trust in Washington, CT today. I walked along the railroad bed trail over the bridge over the Shepaug River from the Ridding Ring parking area. I was looking for an Eastern Phoebe in this area as this is where I usually see my first Eastern Phoebe for the year. Not too many birds. Had both male and female Common Mergansers in the river, a lone Black-capped Chickadees, American Crows finding something to eat on the trail, and a woodpecker I did not see well. Had an Eastern Phoebe both going down the trail and coming back the trail. On my way back on the trail I heard a song I first was not sure what the bird was. First thought Ruby-Crowned Kinglet but the song was not right for that bird. I realized this is a spot where I have had Winter Wren in the distant past. The bird played hide and seek with me and I never saw the bird, like Winter Wrens I have encountered in the distant past. While I thought the bird was likely a Winter Wren my bird song ID skills are not what they once were. Got home and looked up Winter Wren at the Cornell Lab site (I am low tech, no smart phone, etc)  and confirmed that I had encountered a Winter Wren today.
David W BabingtonWashington, CT

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