[CT Birds] Hamden Eagles and Other Bird Tales

Mike Horn mfhorn at att.net
Thu Mar 24 22:01:32 EDT 2016

Hi Folks. As today (Thurs. 3/24/16) is my 70th birthday, I took it off from
work and registered with Social Security. After I did that, Pat and I went
to lunch and then to see the Hamden Eagles. When we got there at about 1:00
PM, Mother Eagle was sitting in an odd place in a tree that was not her
usual spot. About 10 feet directly underneath her was a Red-tailed Hawk. She
was suggesting it go while the going was good. It finally did. This evening,
about 6:15 PM, I went down again. Dad was on the eggs again and Mother was
in her usual spot on the "X" in the sentry tree. About 5 minutes later, a
Turkey Hen flew up to the bottom large branch in the big cotton-wood tree on
the left. She began walking out on the limb looking down like she is hunting
for food. She then flies up to another large branch in the cotton-wood and
starts walking along it. All the while, Mother Eagle is watching her closely
probably thinking, "What Now?!" or "Why doesn't this happen when my old man
is on guard duty". Finally, the Turkey hen flies off, directly over my head
and lands on the edge of the WB Mason warehouse and walks out of site on
their grave roof. Regards to All, Mike Horn - Hamden 


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