[CT Birds] Sherwood Highlights-probable Eared Grebe

Tina and Peter Green petermgreen at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 25 16:25:25 EDT 2016

I spent over 4 hours at Sherwood Island SP today and didn't even cover the entire park. I had 64 species,the best bird being the probable Eared Grebe. Even though the water was very calm, the bird was preening and moving  a lot and there was moisture in the air as well as heat haze and the bird was in transitional plumage.I spent much time watching and studying from the time I first spotted it and then it moved out of view. The grebe was slightly smaller than the Horned Grebes and it had a dark cheek with a whitish crescent shaped patch and a darkish neck. The bill looked thinner and turned up and the front of the head looked peaked.Other  birds of note today were 3 Northern Shovelers in the Mill Pond,Northern Gannets flying by and sitting on the water, 43 Red-throated Loons,Wilson's Snipe flushed from one of the small west side ponds,3 Eastern Phoebes,Golden-crowned Kinglets in most evergreens,American Kestrel near  the model airplane field,adult Iceland Gull flying west,Lesser Black-backed Gull continues,Bonaparte's Gulls on the sound,and Tree Swallows are back over the Mill Pond.

Tina Green
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