[CT Birds] Cowbirds everywhere.

brian kulvete briankulvete at gmail.com
Mon Mar 28 11:44:03 EDT 2016

I've seen a male and female cowbird at the feeders for a couple weeks now, but I just had a flock of about 20+ come in and ravage everything.  Also about 40 goldfinch, with most males almost fully molted.  I still have a single purple finch occasionally stopping by, but not as frequent as all winter long.

Also, last night, I got home from work at 3am.  I was sitting in my chair unwinding (after a 16+ hour work day) and heard a noise just out the window.  Flipped on the light to see a tagged black bear trying to get at my feeders up on the poles.  It didn't succeed but at times I thought it was going to bend the schedule 80, inch and a half pipe, right over.  This wasn't even the biggest bear i've seen in my yard, either.  Interestingly, my "facebook memory" from exactly a year ago was of a photo of a bear print in the snow, I took, after seeing my feeders ripped apart, for the first time, since we moved into our new home.  

I took a cell video that I uploaded to youtube.  It's a little grainy with the compression they add to videos, but you can really see it shaking the heck out of the pole.  I have a 3rd pole way in the back that I couldn't catch video of, because it was way too dark, but it was shaking that one even more.  I was waiting for the feeders to come flying off the top hooks.  No easy meal here, so the bears don't stick around at all.


Brian Kulvete
Bloomfield, CT 		 	   		  

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