[CT Birds] Crows/ Hawks/ Rabbits

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Wed Mar 30 21:16:18 EDT 2016

While at a service call this afternoon in a very residential East Norwalk neighborhood, which I was in and out of the house to my van 6- 7 times in 30 minutes, on the last trip, before I could open the front storm door, I saw moving things in the front lawn.
I immediately stopped in my tracks and did not move, what was unfolding was a standoff between a Eastern Cottontail Rabbit and a Common Crow, the crow had red meat that it was feeding on, the rabbit  was in the crows face, charging the bird at times.
Beyond that crow was a second crow that also had scraps of red meat, the rabbit could not challenge both crows at the same time, besides it was too late, the crows eventually ate whatever they had, and left the scene soon when they finished
The rabbit hung around, mostly out of site, but was still now and then on the front lawn. not at all afraid of us.
After loading the tools back into my van the RE Agent notices some dead grass and fur on the lawn, I mention to the REA that rabbits dig borrows and perhaps this is one, I check it out, feeling by hand I actually feel a hole, and then something small, too there is this cry from the hole and out of nowhere the adult rabbit runs out of the shrubs and is in my face. Yikes! we backed off and left, with an eye on the now circling Red-tail Hawk. I guess he is next in line? 
I was surprised that this rabbit dug it's borrow in the middle of this lawn, so open to easy pickings for crows and hawks.

Larry Flynn

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