[CT Birds] Birds 3/31/16

Lisa Gagnon lisa.gagnon45 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 31 15:58:27 EDT 2016

Lisa G Stafford Springs.    This afternoon heard pine siskins in woods at
home.  Birds I have in yard are singing constantly.  Phoebe sits on top of
abandoned house antenna calling,  Had Great Blue Heron fly over the other
day.   Great blue heron also at sun valley camp ground. My Ravens have been
out and about along with my Red Shouldered Hawks.    There have been some
sightings of a Bald Eagle cruising up and down Rt 32. That's it right now.
By the way I wait all winter to hear white throated sparrows sing and no
they don't sing through the winter they sing now. Lol. Good birding
everyone!   Also my mom said on Facebook she read the expectation of
hummingbirds might arrive early due to our crazy weather.

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