[CT Birds] Osprey courtship, Milford

wirthwitte at att.net wirthwitte at att.net
Sat Apr 2 09:46:21 EDT 2016

"My" Osprey pair have been at "my" cell tower nest (#7, Bona St, Milford) since March 24th. 
Today, April 2nd, at 8am, the male was doing a courtship flight with the female sitting at the nest watching.  They were both vocalizing (I remember it as the rising peep-peep-peep call, but I'm not sure). The male flew upward at a sharp angle (45-60 degrees) for 4 seconds, then tucked his wings into the bracket shape and glided downward at a sharp angle for about 2 seconds, then repeated 4-5 times, making a zig-zag flight pattern.  [I checked Youtube to see if it was a courtship display.] 
About 8:30am,  3 more Osprey showed up, and there was a skirmish with much flying in tight circles around the nest, and one aggressive dive-bombing.  This was accompanied by loud alarm calls of the cheerp----cheerp-----cheerp type (each call descending). 
At 9:30am, the intruders were gone, and in a gentle rain, I observed the male in a mating posture, hovering directly above the female, with his talons touching her back. 

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