[CT Birds] bird list 4/1/16 Stratford -Mary Mushinsky, volunteer steward

mary mushinsky marymushinsky at att.net
Sun Apr 3 00:39:28 EDT 2016

 Great Meadows NWR birds/wildlife 4/1/16    4-6:30 p.m. Pond Trail--great blue heronCarolina wren3 osprey (one carrying fish)2 mute swans2 downy woodpeckers4 bl. capped chickadeessong sparrowyellow-shafted flickerblue-grey gnatcatcher1 white tailed deer2 geese (sp?)mourning dovesred-winged blackbirdsmockingbirdAm. robins
Trail to platforms--3 house finches2 starlings1 black duckgulls (dropping clams on industrial building roof)2 boat-tailed grackles8 wild turkeys (grazing on grass)

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