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Mon Apr 4 18:30:40 EDT 2016

 From 7:30 am to 4:30 pm, moderate Easterly wind, starting light snow  
to all rain (pouring at times) with an hour break in between the snow  
ending and rain beginning. Very high tide, outgoing.

Started at Meigs Point, Hammonasset Beach SP in Madison at 7:30 am.  
Only a few Gulls present on the beach at the foot of the jetty. 1  
adult Bonaparte's Gull heading east. 3 adult Gannets sitting on the  
water just off the tip of the jetty, 4 additional flying by close to  
shore heading west. Only a few Loons present, no sign of the Western  

Only a few Gulls on the beach from East Wharf to West Wharf in  
Madison, no ducks off Middle Beach.

West Haven boat ramp: few Gulls, 50 Gulls off Bradley Point.

Oyster River. West Haven/Woodmont, 5-600 Gulls. Half were Plankton  
feeding close to shore where the outside of the sandbar is (at low  
tide), the other half on the beach near the road/bridge (pushed close  
by the very high tide) including 1 Appledore Island banded HERG. Some  
Brant and R B Mergansers.

Stratford, Long Beach: 300 Gulls spread out along the shoreline,  
nothing unusual, returning presumed adult Iceland (aka Mr. Long Beach)  
in its usual spot at the base of the jetty at the west end of the  
parking lot. Many Oldsquaw very close to shore in all plumages from  
winter to transitional to spring plumages). Few Scaup both Lesser and  
Greater, Brant and R B Mergansers. Flocks of Sanderlings, Dunlins and  
a few Ruddy Turnstones.

Bridgeport, Seaside Park, MOST Gulls seen today- 1,000+ along the  
entire shoreline and in the puddles in the fields, no uncommon species  
seen. Had 3 banded Gulls: 1 Ring-billed and 2 HERG (1 Appledore  
Island, 1 unknown at this point). 1,000++ Brant in along the  
shoreline, but the largest concentration in the field near the boat  
ramp extreme west end. I searched but did not find a Black Brant or  
dark-bellied species. 9 Wigeon in the pond. ROSS GOOSE continues just  
east of the pond in the field.

Tide dropping- close to low tide:

Southport, Buryinghill Beach: continuing winter resident adult Lesser  
Black-backed Gull, few Brant and R B Mergansers.

Southport Beach: 300+ Bonaparte's Gull (no associating other species  
such as Little, Black-headed or Sabine's [one can hope] ), 150 other  
Gulls with nothing uncommon, 75 Brant, a few R B Mergansers and  
Bufflehead. Double Crested Cormorant flew over the beach and landed in  
Gray's Creek.

Long Beach, 100 Gulls remained including Mr. Long Beach, Oldsquaw,  
Brant and Scaup.

Oyster River: 50 Gulls (nothing uncommon) no Bonaparte's Gulls. Few  
Brant and R B Mergansers

West Haven boat ramp: 150 Gulls, nothing uncommon, 3 banded Gulls (2  
Ring-billed, 1 HERG)

Long Wharf: 100 Gulls, nothing uncommon, 200 Brant

Guilford, Leetes Pond.......(drive-by birding): lots of Green-winged  
Teal, 1 drake Pintail near road, Black Ducks.

Great Harbor causeway, 13 Greater Yellowlegs

Hammo: 13 Gulls, 2 Common Loon, 2 Horned Grebe, 1 fly-by Surf Scoter.

Keith MUeller

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