[CT Birds] Hadlyme 2 Red-headed Woodpeckers

Dan Rottino rottino at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 5 17:05:37 EDT 2016

Hi Pat, I arrived at the beaver dam on Cranberry Meadow Brook at the intersection of Rte 156 and Rte 82 and found the RHWO across rte 156 from the 45mph speed limit sign and small pulloff there high in a dead snag.  At 4:05pm I immediately drove the 4.2 miles in 6 minutes to Whalebone Creek to see the other bird at the nature center conservancy pulloff at 4:11pm.  Nothing like hard evidence to prove two birds!  I didn't think they could be the same anyway.   There are photos of both in my eBird checklists below.  The Cranberry Meadow Brook bird appears more robust than the Whalebone Creek bird so maybe it is more of a mature adult.  Thanks Pat for finding this second one. And thanks to Jim Denham for reporting on the Whalebone creek one.   Its nice to know they are doing well in CT these days.  BTW although both birds are in my Hadlyme patch, the Cranberry Meadow Brook bird is in my hometown of East Haddam, Middlesex County while The Whalebone Creek bird is in the town of Lyme, New London County.  So today I added a new town bird for the one further away!  Now if I could only get them to come to my yard.



I keep getting requests for Whalebone Creek so here they are:
From Rte 82 at Hadlyme Four Corners head down Ferry Rd towards the Ferry (closed for the season).  At the very bottom of the hill cross the bridge over Whalebone Creek.  A short ways on the left is the very small pulloff for one or two cars depending on how you park. Be careful of the dropoff.  If you get to the cemetery you have gone too far.  The tree next to the tree with the Yellow Nature Sanctuary sign (1st tree west of this one) is the one with the RHWO in it.  The bird sometimes sits still on the back side of the tree so be patient if you dont see it immediately.  You cannot walk around the tree.  Sometimes it flies across the street but comes right back.

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